“Standing Together” is a very special project created in partnership with Harmony House and 7 Billion Ones. This exhibition features inspiring full-length, life-size portrait artwork focused on individuals whose lives have been touched by domestic violence. The portraits are accompanied by raw personal written naratives and a series of "punch you in the heart" short films with participants talking candidly about abuse and the ripple effect it has had on their lives.

Ultimately, we want people that experience Standing Together to be "wrecked (in a good way)" resulting in a new understanding of how abuse impacts individuals as well as the entire community; with the reinforcement that abuse is not a “private” matter and as a community, we need to stand together. We want people to SEE abuse with more understanding - to spawn and grow an open conversation on the topic of abuse, which society commonly puts behind closed doors. To SEE those dealing with the abuse not as mere ‘statistics’, but for the immense power that their challenging life stories and experiences bring to this world. To SEE how their stories can significantly help others and positively move the needle in tackling the issue of domestic violence as a community, a nation, a world

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