"It is hard for me to imagine (and even admit) that I have been exploring the art of photography for over three decades. Yet, here I am today, still mesmerized and astonished by photography, just like I was when I got my first 35mm camera at age fifteen. It is a love affair that has not only endured the test of time, but has grown to be an essential part of my total being.

As a photographer and filmmaker, I have always been intrigued by the fact that each and every person is a one-of-a-kind original - a never before created miracle. This simple, yet complex truth, "we are ALL original miracles" is the creative seed that flames my passion for photography and represents the connecting thread with all of my work. Over the years, I have photographed thousands upon thousands of people, across America and around the world, propelled by an infinite fascination and commitment as a photographic artist to capture the miracle of each person - the 'ones' on this planet of over 7 billion. No matter the walk of life, I am finding that after all of these many years, of tending to my relationship between me and this thing called a camera that I am driven more and more by the important and inspiring stories of each and every ‘one’. Stories that impact, empower and heal lives. Stories filled with raw, unfiltered truth that are interweaved with compassion, love, hope, wisdom and strength that punch people in the heart, creating change and understanding within our world.

So here I am, decades into this thing called photography and it is sacred to me - it is my lifeblood. However, I very often take a deep breath and smile, knowing that I am still that fifteen-year-old kid that fell in love with the camera. It is through the camera lens that I also fell in love with humanity, my heart on fire to wreck lives (in a really good way)."


Randy is an American photographer with an extensive history in portrait, commercial and documentary photography, both motion and still. Randy is also co-founder and artist behind all of the photography and cinematography of the nonprofit, people empowering story movement, 7 Billion Ones

Randy has pursued photography professionally since 1984 and is in high demand with a client base extending worldwide. He travels to destinations across the United States, as well as numerous countries for projects. At the core of Randy’s photography is the ability to present emotive visual stories with an underlying sense of narrative. His unique style reflects elements of influential film noir and old masters in painting and photography - Randy is especially influenced by photographers such as Richard Avedon, Annie Liebovitz, Irving Penn, Diane Arbus, Ed Weston and others. Considering all of these influences, the connecting thread is the unending artistic mission to capture the art of people In their real, authentic, raw self. For Randy, this simple, yet complex, truth, "you were born an original", is still the creative seed that continues to grow his artistry for photography and film.

In 2011, Randy expanded into the motion picture arena.  Almost instantly he secured multiple commercial video projects. Then in 2013, his film career exploded with the release of his directorial and production debut, "The Last Days of Extraordinary Lives”. The movie garnered a significant amount of coverage and awards, including having the film being broadcast on PBS to rave reviews. “The Last Days of Extraordinary Lives” ran the film festival circuit and accumulated an impressive fifteen film festival official selections and won fourteen awards, including Best Documentary, Best Picture and Best Director. Shortly thereafter, Randy released his second full-length documentary, "Man Up and Go" which received official selection to nine national/international film festivals. Both films are signed to Academy Award winning film company, Earthworks Films, and are distributed nationally by Filmrise.  

In 2015, Randy founded and launched the nonprofit humanitarian story movement, 7 Billion Ones, which documents lives, shares stories, connects community and empowers mankind. 7 Billion Ones is fully dedicated to using the art of photography, motion films, and written word to present people's unique stories in an artful, raw, impacting form, so that human transformation occurs exponentially. The story movement reaches a worldwide audience via sharing and connecting people through the enormous power of the world wide web. In consideration of Randy’s ongoing work with 7 Billion Ones and other humanitarian projects, he was named as Presidential Social Change Artist in Residence at Saybrook University. In addition, Randy won the Award for Homeless Advocacy with the Alliance to End Homelessness.

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