The 85'ers

Portraits and Stories of the 1985 USWNT

presented by

Kansas City Current

“The 85'ers”, produced by the Kansas City Current, is an exhibition consisting of portraits, written narratives and short films that tell the stories of the 1985 U.S. women’s national soccer team (USWNT), which was the very first for this country. These seventeen women, groundbreaking pioneers, unknowingly laid the foundation for the immense success of women’s soccer as we know it today, as well as inspired countless athletes throughout the years all around the globe.  

With "The 85'ers" exhibition, you will experience portraits and written stories that reveal each of these incredible women in their honest, yet powerful self. As part of "The 85'ers" exhibition, viewers can also experience the short film series that feature personal stories focused on each person intimately sharing in their own voice, not only their journey including their earliest memories of soccer and dreams as a child, but also what led them to the 1985 ground-breaking USWNT; and to where and who they are in the world today. Their authentic, vulnerable stories demonstrate not only the strength and tenacity of these women and their pioneering soccer experience, but also the complexity of our individual yet interconnected histories and their lasting impact on all of us.

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