“The movie was incredible! Thank you for sharingthese extraordinary peoples’ lives! It truly touchedmy heart and reminded me not to take life for granted. I will be recommending this film to EVERYONE!”  - Valerie Effland

“Beautiful, poignant and God honoring! The film sure makes one evaluate what things in life are the most important. Great diversity of stories woven together skillfully.” - Mark Wright

“It was a touching and uplifting story abouttreasuring those around you and a reminder to all of us not to take those we love for granted.” “Beautifully done! ” - DeLacey Miller  

“I was very humbled this evening by the film...thanks so much.” Stephen Moody

“WOW...what a beautiful reminder ofwhat life is all about! When I beganwatching I thought the film was goingto be sad. It was anything but sad. itwas powerful, beautiful, moving and sovery positive. Thank you! ” - Debbie Baker

"Watching, Laughing, and crying"    - Sara Colling

“I just wanted to commend you on an absolutely gorgeous film! I enjoyed every moment of it..what a truly rare talent you have for capturing a person’s soul at it’s most basic level. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to see this film. Everyone in the world would benefit from watching this beautiful movie of extraordinary’s so inspiring! Way to go!”  - Amy Golden 

“The Last Days was so amazing!! I loved seeing and hearing about things that truly matter in life.” - Kelli Russell

"Great simple and precious life boils down to.”  -Deborah Reece  

“Loved the documentary! It is such a heart warming tribute to some wonderful people!”  - Dana Peterson Sade

"The last days absolutely destroyed me! thank you!!" - Chris Lovovich

“The lessons absolutely helped with the tears! Truly AWESOME film!” - Misty Dawn Lokovich

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